Test purchasing

Test Purchasing staff in age related product sales such as alcohol, tobacco and. Jul 20- Recently one of my staff sold alcohol to an underage person who was part of a test purchase operation by the local Police and Trading Standards Authority.

At the time of the test purchase failure the Police did not ask to see me as the Designated Premises Supervisor or Premises. Research at the Department of Psychology led to legislation permitting the use of underage test purchasing of alcohol, the practice of using children to test which . Practically all Trading Standards Departments have under age sales as a high priority and regularly undertake test purchase . As part of mystery shopping programmes Tern also provide an independent test purchase service for retailers of age restricted products across the UK. This guidance explains the process of test purchasing of alcohol in regard to the prevention of purchasing by under age (18) youths.

Dec 20- Important information about test purchases, age verification, challenge and convictions. She is worried it was a trading standards test purchase. In particular: 1) Proxy Sales (where an adult will buy alcohol on behalf of a young person). Nov 20- The table below shows the minimum purchase age and maximum. Most retailers use specialist test purchasing companies to ensure the . Trading Standards Officers of the City Council are empowered to ensure that the legislation around a range of age restricted products is closely . Throughout November, South Yorkshire Police carried out intelligence -led test purchase operations on key licence premises across the county and this will . With nearly every Trading Standards area actively pursuing test purchasing of alcohol, and pubcos becoming potentially liable for heavy fines for repeat offences . Lodge Service provide test purchasing, charity gift aid checks and integrity testing to assist sales processes and protect reputations. Knowledge, awareness and views of test purchasing.

Awareness of the progress of the test purchase pilot. Use our test purchasing service to ensure your staff are implementing what they’re learned.