Thatcham category 1 alarm

Jun 20- Many new cars are fitted with alarms, immobilisers and other clever devices to improve vehicle security. Having an alarm or immobiliser fitted is one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of car theft. Thatcham Category – electronic alarm and immobiliser.

Your insurer may insist or offer a discount for fitting a Thatcham category alarm and immobiliser. List of cars with insurance approved Thatcham category alarm or cat immobiliser factory fitted as standard. Car insurers may request aftermarket fitting to . The Thatcham Vehicle Security Categories. Category sets system type, it is not a rating of effectiveness). Cobra A41Thatcham Cat Alarm with speed limit alerting and panic button functionality – buy online today – free UK delivery and installation available.

Thatcham’s works by classing car security systems in different categories, with the lower the category.

Thatcham category – electronic alarm and immobiliser. Jan 20- Read our guide for Thatcham Category approved alarm systems that will give you peace of mind and save you money on your insurance. Jump to What does it mean when you say car alarms are Thatcham Approved? Clifford Concept 650P Thatcham Category Alarm System INCLUDING . This insurance approved alarm will upgrade the security level of your vehicle from a Thatcham category to a Thatcham category alarm.

Fitting a Thatcham-approved security system doesn’t guarantee that your car won’t be stolen,. Alarms must include perimeter detection, ignition detection, internal.

Turns a category approved immobiliser system into a category system. A motorhome alarm and immobiliser, insurance approved with all the security and convenience features you can think of and professionally installed. The market leading Thatcham category approved combined alarm and dual circuit. Thatcham engineers continuously analyze theft methods and new theft . All our engineers here at Tracker Fit are Thatcham Approved – giving you peace. A CAT tracking system is one of a number of categories that Thatcham have . Toad Sterling One Thatcham Cat Alarm £73.

Category (Cat) Immobilisers are Thatcham approved immobilisers and are an electronic device that cuts into one or more electronic circuits of the car. The Sigma Sis our number one selling, full Thatcham Category Alarm Immobiliser. This insurtance approved alarm is popular for pre 19vehicles where . Thatcham approved car alarms and immobilisers are vigorously tested to ensure devices comply with either Thatcham Category or Category standards. Thatcham is a UK based approval system for vehicle security products which are covered in different categories, Cat is for alarms, Cat is for immobilisers etc.

Because while you want an alarm that will do its job, you don’t want one that disrupts. Alarm system designed to upgrade your existing Thatcham Category 2 .